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AutoPot Grow System - 15L Pots

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Autopot Growing Systems

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From: 20 £20.00

The superb AutoPot System lets you produce a stellar collection of plants in separate growing containers that are each part of a very effective, completely automated watering network. By being able to distribute feeds precisely when your plants need them and without using a pump or timer, this smart set up really does help save you huge amounts of time, effort and money.


Suitable for hydroponics, coco and soil media (mineral feeds only) in greenhouses and grow rooms, the AutoPot System proves to be pleasingly easy to manage and maintain! You start off by potting up your plants and then water them through, allowing them to establish for a period of 7-10 days before turning on your system. From here onwards, nutrient solution in the reservoir is gravity-fed to pots – which all incorporate the fantastic AQUAvalve component to only release this feed-enriched water when plants require it.


Your plants will respond favourably to this process, and as they grow and expand in size, the movable pots can be handily repositioned if necessary to find more space for further development. Fantastic!

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