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Growth Technology Clonex Cloning Gel 50ml

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Growth Technology Clonex Cloning Gel 50ml

Clonex is the ultimate rooting hormone that is used the world over in both commercial and hobby growing and by beginners and experts alike.


Clonex has been used to propagate over 1 billion cuttings worldwide since 1989. Clonex seals the cut plant tissue instantly, preventing infection Clonex contains a complete nutrient profile and trace elements to nourish new plants and roots.


Clonex is a gel that will not wash off the exposed stem like powder or liquid based products Clonex contains rooting hormone at the full strength required for successful root development. Clonex usage: Clonex can be used with all propagation cubes or growing mediums.


Using Clonex is incredibly simple all you need do is take a cutting and dip the exposed stem into it and then place it in your chosen propagation medium.


For specific information on taking cuttings check out the help file at the base of this page.

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