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IWS Pro Flood & Drain Kit

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IWS Pro Flood & Drain Kit

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From: 449.99 £449.99

The IWS system is a reliable, easy to use, pot based growing system designed with the grower in mind.


As with all flood and drain systems it can be used with a wide variety of hydroponic growing mediums, although in our experience (and the manufacturer's experience) using the bottom third of the pot as pure clay pebbles and the top two thirds as their own coco/clay mix will provide optimum results. To make things even easier for you we have included the option to buy the correct amount of this growing medium on a system by system basis below - you will receive appox 2 bags of coco/clay mix to every bag of clay pebbles for each package.


Recommended nutrients vary and most hydroponic nutrients will work fine in the system - Plant Magic Hydro works well as does Canna Hydro and Aqua.


As with any hydroponic system you need to be aware that pythium can be an issue, using product such as Pythoff in the summer is highly recommended.


These systems are expensive but worth the money, for growers looking for a pot based active hydroponic system we still think the IWS is the best on the market.

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